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GreenDrive-RF & Portable Solar Charging Units

Our first product that Quantum Green Energy plans to introduce is a “ Retrofit Battery” kit. The Retrofit Battery will be installed in a bicycle to make it an Electric Bicycle, we will call it “PEDELEC” a term commonly used in Europe for a bicycle that can operate by pedalling or by electric using lithium-ion battery.”

The retrofit kit provides the electric power to drive the bicycle with no padelling or some desired pedalling. In plain language this is a hybrid that could be driven/ride by pedals only using human effort or switched over to a mode that makes the bicycle run by battery.”

The Retrofit Kit will come in two sizes and capacities; (1) 10 Amp Hours, 36 volts good to travel upto 2.0 continuous hours for 10 KM with a maximum load of 200 lbm between charges and (2) 6 Amp Hour, 36 volts good to travel upto 1.5 continuous hours for 7 KM.

Quantum Green Energy will introduce “Battery Charging System Using portable small solar panels”. This would provide an alternative source of energy to charge/power the lithium-ion batteries when electricity is not available. The battery pack can be charged/power with small solar panels. This is an added product and does not come as standard with the “Retrofit Battery Pack” System.

Under “Battery SWAP and Local Distributer”

Investment Opportunities

We seek and encourage investors and the government of Pakistan to help and guide QGE to expand our business and bring future technologies to the country. For Investment Perspectives and Return On Investment (ROI) please contact through website or write to Quantum Green Energy.