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Quantum Green Energy is a Transportation and a Green Energy Company formed with the purpose of providing Green and Clean Energy with reducing and mitigating effects of climate change. QGE seeks to provide an alternative to conventional energy sources and relinquish reliance on fossil fuels. Our vision is all people, everywhere, having access to a reliable source of green energy in transportation, residential and commercial applications. The world is facing a critical clean energy problem that could result in an out-of-control greenhouse effect and will have an adverse impact on the climate change worldwide.

Quantum Green Energy portfolio of products includes: (1) Retrofit Kit that provides energy using lithium-ion-batteries to power a bicycle, (2) PEDELEC a bicycle that can operate and driven by a combination of human pedaling and a Retrofit Kit, (3) Portable Solar Kit with solar panels that can charge battery pack in the Retrofit Kit unit and for small residential applications for energy,(4) Electrical vehicles such as Scooters, Moped, and Electric Bike that will use Lithium-ion-battery pack for power and drive.

To achieve and reach market in Pakistan, QGE has established three Profit and Loss Centers. The three profit and loss centers are in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The three centers will cover all regions in Pakistan, Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoonkwah, and Baluchistan. The centers cover all areas of Pakistan; namely North, South, Central Pakistan including for Sales and Services.

The people of Quantum Green Energy are committed to making our vision a reality, not just as entrepreneurs dedicated to building a business enterprise but also as concerned world citizens. We believe that with the products and services we provide, we will contribute to meeting the responsibilities we all have as a conservators and stewards of our most critical of natural resources while being able to establish a sustainable and profitable enterprise for both our employees and investors

The ever-increasing cost of fuel, and all forms of energy including electricity has a direct impact on the transportation business. People livelihood and survivability depends upon transportation and low cost of fuel and energy. QGE is addressing the critical need and provides solution to bring the transportation cost down and making it easily accessible to masses.


Quantum designs, builds & implements complete Energy Solutions

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Quantum Green Energy

The Company is a registered USA based company with Offices in Sindh, Punjab, and KhyberPakhtoonKwah Covering all regions in Pakistan.

Quantum Green Energy


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