We offer six areas of support and service for all our products

Sales & Service

QGE will install and/or replace any retrofit kit with the battery to any used or new bicycles or produce a brand new PEDELEC upon Customers request. A brand new PEDELEC will use bicycle as per QGE discretion and brand name preferred.

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and Repair for our Retro-FIT Kit and for the bicycles we have installed retro-fit kits.

Product Guarantee

We will guarantee our product to work in a non-abusive environment and meet functional specifications when used in normal application and product usage specifications.


Warranty can be purchased at a nominal cost to support PEDELEC and Solar Panels for charging batteries and/or for solar panels for small residential applications.


We offer to conduct repair at your facility for a charge in the event the PEDELEC does not charge at your residence or office or to a point of commute.

battery Swap & local distributer

QGE will support battery swap in some instances. Please contact your local “Profit and Loss Center” and arrange for swap if needed. A fully charged battery Kit will be provided for a used battery kit for a charge. The charge per swap is dependent upon the P/L center and support. Please make arrangement in advance if you prefer to have this service at the time of the purchase of the retrofit battery kit.