About Us

Quantum Green Energy is an innovative and leading-edge technology company with a mission to bring green technology to every town and village in Pakistan. The partners consist of managers and engineers with vast experience in: electric vehicles, power systems, Li-ion batteries, and solar photovoltaics.

The first product we plan to introduce is GreenDrive-RF™ which is extremely popular in Europe and an inexpensive means for transportation within and beyond urban areas under PEDELEC name. GreenDrive-RF bikes can be driven using the battery source but range is much improved if the rider pedals simultaneously. We are introducing our first product GreenDrive-RF to empower customers in Pakistan to efficiently move around with ease and at an affordable level. We seek to provide an alternative to conventional energy sources and relinquish reliance on fossil fuels. This would be a vital pathway in mitigating effects of climate change. We will use GreenDrive-RF™ and Pedelec in our discussions

Company was started in 2019 in Nevada, USA. Sales and service partners present in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi at present. We have plans to expand to other cities and also establish our own brand of bicycles by having local manufacturing and assembly that would adapt to QGE retrofit kits easily.

Quantum Green Energy future plans is to introduce the following products; (1) battery charging system that could charge the lithium-ion battery with a portable solar panel as a backup source when power/electricity is not available from the Grid (2) Bikes, Scooters, and Moped driven by lithium ion batteries (3) Swapping of used lithium ion battery with fully charged lithium ion battery pack. These products will be introduced in the same order within the next one to two years.